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The year 2020 has shown how rapidly the world can change and how important it is to be open to these changes. lead & conduct ! has always been committed to making this world more humane, more productive and more sustainable.

We will now extend this promise with an important new cornerstone: self-paced online courses!

We will gradually add online courses to our training offering, which you can attend at anytime, from anywhere you like, and at your own pace.

How does that sound?

Our Mission

We make organizations more productive, more humane, and more sustainable!


We want to Make an Impact

How about being able to have your Exercise Journey fully self-paced? Our further Online Courses are coming soon!


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As an Early Bird you can benefit from our special 50% discount and sign up today for only 250€ *.

Which Transformation Courses will be provided?

That's the best part. It's up to you!

The most sign-ups will be the first curated and recorded course from our Trainer Stefan Bornemann. We are already working hard on the course-design, the curriculum, and the necessary materials and tools. We also want to apply our agile conviction in this daily work and get feedback from our customers sooner rather than later.


You can support us by signing up for the course you would like to start with:


500,- EUR
Make your journey succeed !
Early Bird: 250,- EUR *


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Make your leadership succeed !
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* plus VAT, Early Bird price is valid until December 31, 2020.



What makes our Transformation Courses Special?

Beyond the benefits from online-learning, e.g., a self-paced environment and the possibility to access the platform from wherever and whenever you like, you can also ask questions in the community or directly address the trainer. It is also possible to take each module more than once, and you can repeat the tests and the exam as often as you like or need.



Complex Topics Taught Comprehensively !

We teach models, frameworks, and concepts simply so that they are easy to understand!


Great Visualization !

We visualize as many things as possible because people do not only learn by hearing but also by seeing.


Engaging Exercises !

Even in our online classes, you will find many engaging exercises to experience the topic.


Examples from Various Industries & Projects !

We share case studies from various industries and projects we have worked in.


Learning from other Participants !

We connect you to share experiences between participants.


Anytime !

Start, pause, and continue your agile learning journey whenever it suits you best.


Fits your Schedule !

Either binge-watch it or break it up into smaller pieces as you like.


Accessible From Anywhere !

At home, at work, during your commute, you can access the courses from anywhere.


Repeat how often As You Like !

Watch it, rewatch it and rewatch it … Repeat exercises and tests as often as you like.


Facilitated Self-paced !

Attend regular instructor-led Q&A sessions.


How does will an Online Course look alike?

Every course will consist of explanatory videos, individual exercises, and knowledge validation. All the content will be accessible through a dedicated Learning Management System (LMS), which also helps you track your progress. To get a sense of how we explain topics, you can watch one of the following videos:



Get to Know your Instructor !

Stefan Bornemann

Founder & CEO of lead & conduct ! - Approved Certified Salesforce Consultant® Agile Leadership Educator

Stefan is an experienced and recognized interim manager. He has numerous certifications - including Lean SixSigma Black Belt, Business Process Management, Multi-Project Management - Level A/B (according to IPMA), Restructuring and Turnaround Management, and various Salesforce Certifications®. He has worked with large and small companies and organizations in multiple industries, mainly in the automotive, chemicals, IT, engineering, pharmaceutical, and non-governmental organizations.

Since 2017, Stefan and his company have successfully won the world market leader for cloud-based CRM platform solutions, Salesforce - a true hyper-scale - as a strategic partner.

Stefan has directly led and trained more than 1,000 people in over 200 projects in the last six years alone. During this time, his results, both online and in-person, have received an excellent Net Promotor Score (NPS) of 92+.

You can learn more about Stefan on his spannkraft-Blog - one of the largest German change management blogs with > 300.000 page impressions in 2019.

Stefan Bornemann

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