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Courage and consistency for a rapidly evolving world.

I offer ad hoc solutions that enable you and your management in the short term to meet the changing tasks of a world that is increasingly global and digitalizing at a breathtaking pace.

Always faster – always different

Globalization and digitization are the key drivers of a rapidly changing working world. The number of pending projects and projects to be implemented is increasing visibly, as globally active companies and large supraregional organizations are increasingly forced to constantly rethink their strategic orientation and dependencies and, if necessary, to adapt them quickly. A summary of this development could therefore be: Faster and faster, organize things differently.

This results in comprehensive change initiatives and projects in the course of necessary restructurings, takeovers, mergers and even fundamental transformations. For the management and employees concerned in particular, this usually means upheaval processes that require a high degree of commitment, flexibility and critical reflection on the existing situation.

Convince stakeholders through relevance

To do this, management and your employees must be enabled and encouraged to succeed in convincing all relevant internal and external stakeholders of the changes.

And, what is so important, they must also be so consistently involved that they will help to shape the changes and support them despite any criticism and resistance.

This often requires temporary resources and/or structures that can find ad hoc expedient solutions and guide and steer teams in a goal-oriented, structured and secure manner.

May we introduce: Your “Center of Expertise

For strategic realignments and their targeted and structured organization, for example, the establishment and expansion of a transformation management office can be used as a kind of center of expertise in which the various support functions or business partners for controlling, human resources and/or communications are bundled.

However, this is not just about bundling and coordinating the various skills and capacities and their roles and responsibilities, but rather about developing them further through inspiring leadership from particularly good, experienced, organizational multi-killers, such as experienced staff chiefs.

In order for this strategic impact to unfold in a goal-oriented manner, it also requires the necessary courage – especially to contradict those in power.

Reinforcement with strategic effect

Particularly for decision-makers and C-level officers tasked with major change initiatives, the Chief of Staff position offers not only support in managing the associated operational tasks, but also, and more importantly, reinforcement with strategic impact.

In order for this strategic impact to unfold in a goal-oriented manner, it also requires the necessary courage – especially to contradict those in power – and the ability to critically question existing processes, structures and rules. And this is much easier for people who come into an organization temporarily from outside. With their expertise, they are better able to recognize the imbalances in the gears than those who have been working in them for a long time.

Success through courage and courageousness

The success factors of the position “Chief of Staff” at a glance

  • Ambition and acumen
  • Self-awareness for different perception
  • Objectivity, sensitivity and discretion
  • Flexibility in permanently balancing the decisive operational factors as well as
  • Positive Growth Mindset and a servant understanding

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