HR Leadership & Management Excellence

Leadership needs trust when it comes to transformation and change.

As a personal sparring partner, I accompany executives, experts or even entire teams and HR organizations individually in professional and/or personal changes.

Fact check – honest and precise

For an honest and accurate fact check, it is necessary to not only have the necessary expert knowledge yourself, but to be able to put together the special knowledge, skills, qualifications and competencies into a resonant HR keyboard and then also orchestrate this together with the different teams and their complementary strengths for maximum performance.

Analysis of the status quo within the shortest possible time.

  • Concrete evaluation of existing processes and structures
  • Critical review of goals and success factors
  • Identifying areas for action – burdensome pain points and possible gain creators
  • Deriving new ideas, balanced goals and realistic implementation options as well as the necessary campaigns and measures as a “blue print design“
  • Convincing alternatives and critical assessments from a neutral, independent position

Activating leadership support

Human resources work in the transformation process: The challenge of leadership style

Successful leadership through mutual trust …

In the course of fundamental changes in the framework conditions for companies and organizations, they have already embarked on profound transformation processes, or are about to do so. As a result, executives are faced with new challenges that they must address on a daily basis.

Diversity in the sense of different qualifications, expertise, performance capabilities, and increasing digitization and networking in day-to-day operations require more than ever effective speed and goal-oriented information management in management – and this regardless of traditional or agile environments. This means:

Successful leadership today is crucially dependent on the relationship of managers in and to their teams being characterized by mutual trust.

Only through trust-based leadership will the change between stabilizing hierarchies and flexible ways of working – especially in extraordinary situations, e.g., operational changes in the context of reorganizations or operational transitions in the context of strategic realignments – be accepted by employees and teams.

Job satisfaction through successful leadership

In increasingly complex systems, managers can no longer be the more competent experts for all areas. Instead, they are called upon all the more to use exemplary behavior to encourage employees and teams to contribute their full capabilities and their own initiative to the common tasks and goals.

The aim should therefore be leadership that is equally characterized by social and communicative aspects, which is not only effective in the matter at hand, but is also reflected in job satisfaction.

Successful leadership therefore means – in addition to high professional competence – primarily leadership skills through a people-centered leadership style.

Leadership for & in Transformation – what you need to consider

Change or transformation already begins with the implementation of your ideas and plans. But how does the necessary change succeed, how do you even get the P.S. on the road with your HR organizations? Is the existing organization even capable of development and how do you and your organizations convince as the change driver so that everyone in the company or organization also participates?

Which leadership approach is appropriate, which skills, competencies and potentials really matter, and what role does leadership play – especially in the new world of work? Do you act top-down as initiator and driver of the necessary changes or are you rather driven bottom-up? How do you enable transformation, what are the right switches and which cooperations promote progress?

How can you tell when it’s too much for you, the people involved, or the entire organization? Every implementation of change or transformation projects runs differently and depends strongly on the respective culture of the company, the organization or the own division.

Reaching the goal together: That’s how we move forward as a team.

Regularity in processes and close cooperation is the basis of my work. This is simplified into the following processes

Regular sessions

We arrange regular meetings – in person or remotely. Together, we identify the main challenges, describe the respective “target photo”, find the right ways to reach the goal, and then walk these paths together.

Individual feedbacks

Based on a jointly developed action plan, we plan the next steps and reflect on them after each implementation. In doing so, we focus on the deposits that we have not achieved and derive the necessary “lessons learned” from them.

Successfully shaping the future

I am very happy to support HR executives and/or leadership teams with their current challenges. But above all, I would like to provide you with the necessary tools that you still need, so that you can shape the future together with your teams, encouraged by your visible successes. In this way, leading people evolves from merely achieving to jointly succeeding.

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