My method of work

Real change through the engagement of your teams and their intrinsic strengths

Since I’ve been a leader, my dream has been to help people and organizations succeed in their important change initiatives.

It’s a simple dream: to make a difference, improve and make an impact together. Simply turning ambition into reality.

My most important method: experience with change

Even over 10 years of self-employment, I still strive to be a catalyst for change and transformation. In doing so, I am guided by my aspiration to leave every organization I come into contact with a truly better place: Better for the people who work there every day. In a company that is then better equipped for the future.

It is my daily drive to empower people and the organizations they work in to achieve more through their existing strengths.

This aspiration to work your team to their existing strengths and build on them, and the goal of bringing about real change as a result, that has an impact. Because it is not enough to provide a solution, to serve a strategy on a silver platter or to pull a plan out of the proverbial drawer.

Rather, I engage in each encounter in a way that leverages people’s complementary skills. And thereby bring the organization behind it to own the emerging change.

This applies in particular to consistently overcoming crippling bureaucracy through a digital can-do/growth mindset. This makes it possible for clients to face up to their commitment to their own further development and to drive this forward again independently in a performance- and goal-oriented manner after my assignment.

Real change is possible

Real master

Your customers hire you because of your expertise. To do this, you need consultants and experts who know their field inside out. Someone who knows how good something is and can develop new solutions with a certain ease.

Real co-design

True co-design is a personal commitment for me. To that end, I contribute my expertise in a way that engages others. In doing so, I am always curious about what others can bring to the table to help shape. This creates lasting impact.

Real change

Real change – that is a promise and the prospect of an impact that will last in your organization. Only through this sustainability does the change for your company become verifiable, demonstrable and, above all, effective.

When the Change Makers shine we are on the right track

Through the direct interaction in my way of working, not only the ratios in people’s heads are addressed. Rather, real emotions are also awakened – the “change makers” are made to shine.

The resulting motivation and identification lead directly to a sustainable effect, which has a direct impact on the corporate culture and thus on success.