leadership transformation

People & Organization for a changing world

Supporting large companies in the strategic realignment of HR projects and complex organizations.

lead & conduct at a glance

Leadership for change, transformation and turnaround

As a leadership and transformation expert, I help larger organizations in the structured planning, management and controlling of parallel change initiatives and operational campaigns.

The focus is on the digital re-organization of people & customer relationship and organizational structures as value-added services in the industry, technology and service sectors.

With the result that the People & Customer Experience Management becomes significantly more efficient and the companies I accompany become more successful overall.

What counts for me first and foremost:
Changes that also last.

Stefan Bornemann, Gründer und Inhaber lead & conduct

A brief portrait of Stefan Bornemann.

Our owner Stefan Bornemann brings decades of experience in leadership and change management. Here are his most important stations:

  • Independent interim manager and change/transformation leader since 2012.
  • Many years of experience in business as Director HCM and Program Director at Synaxon AG
  • As a general staff officer in the Bundeswehr, NATO and the UN.

Original. Resilient. Courageous.

Analysis, simplification, value creation

It is my daily drive to empower people and the organizations they work in to achieve more through their existing strengths.

  • Your customers hire you because of your expertise. To do this, you need consultants and experts who are highly knowledgeable in your field.
  • I am always curious about what others can contribute to help shape. This creates a lasting impact.
  • Only through sustainable development does change become demonstrable, verifiable and, above all, effective for your company.