Chocolate, green and posture please! Tips for increasing motivation immediately

Increasing your motivation immediately – is that at all possible? Many people have great difficulties to motivate themselves. Although a great plan, an extensive knowledge or even special skills are necessary. This article shows three ways to increase your motivation instantly such as posture and body tension, the effect of chocolate and the colour green. 

A few weeks ago, I finally met an old friend. During our meeting we talked about this blog-content and she said that she would be very impressed with these contents, however many contents – especially topics from the category motivation – would not be suitable to implement them in real life situations. This friendly and also well-intentioned criticism encouraged me among others to write this article. Therefore, I want to highlight different possibilities to increase your motivation instantly.

Some of these motivation tips take just a few seconds. Some require you to leave your desk chair for a couple of minutes. But what they all have in common is that they are scientifically proven.


The body tension elevates the confidence extremely and increases the motivation consequently

Our body language is more important than we realise. It influences not only how we are perceived by others but also our inner self. With a certain posture you can change your attitude towards the path taken or the suggested way. The Harvard professor Amy Cuddy demonstrate how this works in the following TED-talk:

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Amy Cuddy shows among others that the non-verbal communication could be more effective by a so-called “power pose“. At this she distinguishes between two different power poses: the “High-Power Pose‘‘ and the “Low-Power Pose“. The powerful pose means an upright posture, i. e. hold your head straight, push your chest out and open your arms instead of a hunched back. It is very simple and appears as you need more space.

BoltObama - High Power Pose for increasing motivation; ©SBNation

BoltObama – High Power Pose for increasing motivation; ©SBNation


In contrast a powerless pose causes that you look small and sunk down.

Powerfull and powerless posture; Muscle-Corps

Scientist proofed that even participants who took a powerful body posture for a few minutes could increase their testosterone level significantly. This happens commonly with an increased degree of confidence. In contrast to that the level of cortisone and therefore also the stress level decreased. For example the psychomotor method “progressive muscle relaxation“ of Jacobson is also based on that and causes a rapid stress reduction. In this way the body influences the mind directly. In short: A powerful body posture could be a requirement for our success. So please expand your behavioural repertoire successive by attempting different powerful body postures.

Chocolate as a motivating medium for body and mind

Just eat a piece of chocolate or a similar luxury food. Chocolate taste good, is easily available and the most important aspect: the stimulating effect of chocolate on  the level of dopamine is well documented. But what is dopamine actually? Dopamine is a neurotransmitter which stimulate our memory in a very impressive way. Neurotransmitters play a decisive role in many areas of our lives like pleasure, perception and even our motivation.

According to a study the hard-working people or “go-getters“ have an appreciably higher level of dopamine than the “slackers“. Consequently, chocolate is as effective as various pharmaceuticals that should increase the effect of dopamine.

Additionally, here are some other aspects of the impact of chocolate:

  • Chocolate especially white chocolate increases the proportion the neurotransmitters of serotonin and phenylethylamine which support the stimulation.
  • Chocolate triggers the release of dopamine that increases the heart rate and the motivation significantly.
  • Chocolate also causes a slight anti depressive effect which leads to blissful feelings.

It is very cool, isn’t it?

So if you want a rapid dopamin-flash, you should eat a piece of chocolate. But if you want to safe your physical condition, you should achieve a higher level of dopamine by a healthier nutrition for example including lots of blueberries  and omega-3 fatty acids containing fish.

Chocolate for increasing motivation.

Chocolate for increasing motivation

At this point I would like to recommend the article How to Increase Dopamine Naturally by Helen Sanders for all those who want to get more information about the topic dopamine and its natural motivating effect. Helen Sanders is a young mother and the chief editor of the blog Health Ambition which deals predominantly with topics all around a healthy lifestyle. This article deals with the positive effect of the hormone dopamine and how you could deploy that more effectively.

The colour green also operates very motivating

Different colours let us think different things. It is no wonder that the price tags are red, isn’t it? It is due to the principle that humans react faster and more intensive when they see this colour since we associate the colour red with a kind of danger and focus on it.

But red implicate not only danger but also attention. According to a study by the University of Rochester men who wear red clothes appeal more attractive to women. This effect is subconscious because wearing red is associated with a higher status and a large income.

Other studies proved that we associate the colour blue with confidence and reliability whereas pink has a soothing effect.

But which colour influences our motivation and our energy the most?

The colour green

Scientists of two different studies found out that even an environment which owns only a bit green can trigger a motivation boost and promote creativity.

The first study was published in the “Journal of Environmental Science & Technology“ by the University of Essex in 2012. The scientists analysed the influence of three different colour screens – in this case: green, grey and red- on the study participant. The test yield consistent results are: the red colour screen let the participants behave aggressively whereas the green colour screen let the participants become happier and less tired. Already the vision of a green variety motivated them.

Toskana - Impact of green colour

Toskana – Impact of green colour

The second study was also published in 2012 in the journal “Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin“. The authors are various scientists oft the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. They ask the study participants to write down as much as possible applications for a thin can. In addition, the most creative proposals get distinguished. Before every test the participant saw a flash light sequence of green, blue, white and grey. As a result, the colour green promoted the creativity of the participants the most. One of the scientists hypothesise that humans associate growth through seeing green.

Both studies proved the motivation and creativity boosting influence oft he colour green. But how does that work best? To increase your motivation you have to leave your home to go out in the natural surrounding for a short walk, simple as that.